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Ever Expanding Opportunities

Ever have that thought, “they’re getting ahead of me”, “they did what I was thinking about doing”, “they are better at it than me”, “I’ll never be as good as them”…the list goes on. You may not say these things, but do you have some parallel thoughts of your own?

So someone is already doing what you thought about doing, great! They are doing it better than you judge you could do it, great! They are way ahead of where you are at – GREAT!

What I experience in my life is continually expanding opportunities. There are so many facets to parenting, to running a business, to growing roses, to making love – the list is endless. Some of those ideas might be an  idea that changes how the world works, others may not or may not in a big bang way.

My point is – don’t spend a lot of time comparing. Do a little homework and then follow your intuition. The world is always expanding into new frontiers, from the pony express (days, weeks, months, years?)  to electron mail that is in (milliseconds, seconds, minutes).

Move forward. Take the risk. Copy if you have to – but get out there and then really listen to your intuition so you can make course corrections if beneficial to you and the world.

Something Good IS Happening Right Now

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I feel good things coming my way”, and then wallah, good things start popping up? I had to laugh this morning as I found myself thinking about the “good” things that have been happening in my life. What made me laugh was that recently I have been expecting good things to happen – and low and behold, good things begin to pop up in my life.

What if they were always there but we are continually looking at what could be different, the gap between what is and what we wish or want it to be? What if we just appreciated what is and loved the unfolding process?

I put “good” in quotes because maybe it is all “good”!

Hiding in the Past

I grew up in a family of nine kids.With so many of us around it was easy to get lost in the shuffle. It was also easy to play it safe, taking on a less visible role and contracting more than I was expanding on what I was creating in my life. Knowing what I know now, looking back I see times when I was hungry for more: more attention, support, love, recognition, etc. As an unaware child I can see how this all makes sense, both the wanting more and getting what I got. I may have wanted more but did not have the wherewithal to create more.

For several years after high school I lived in this similar mindset. I did set goals and go for more in my life but still played it safe, hid out in the shadow of others so as not to take up too much space or appear overzealous or needy. Taking this approach I did move ahead toward my goals but I did it while starving for attention, love, recognition and so on. I was moving my life ahead in the direction I wanted to go and hurting inside as I did so.

Over time I came to see that life does not require us to live in the shadows, starving for more. No, that way of life is optional and whether we are conscious of it or not, it is a choice. I came to see that I could expand my life creating more of what I wanted, more love, support, recognition and attention for myself. As a kid I might have been under the misconception that there is a limited amount of those things available to me or that it was bad to want them. Now I see that life can expand to allow everyone to experience more and it is I that chooses to see them as good/bad or a natural and healthy part of life.

As kids we may not have been aware of what was possible. As adults we can choose our awareness of what is possible. Books, videos, individuals, professionals and websites abound which provide all the opportunity we need to expand our consciousness of what is possible. As adults, we can choose to continue living how we lived as kids or we can change both the way we experience life and the course of our lives as well.

Happy or Frustrated

I should have had it done already. What a jerk, he drove up ahead and cut in front of everyone. They should get more involved and do their part. I should have a better job. I am so tired of it raining so much. They should stop talking so much. She's always working

There is a pattern in these thoughts, a theme. The theme is that I am wanting it to be different than how it is now, different than reality.

Early on in my career I came across this idea of loving how things are in the moment. I remember thinking how impossible that sounded. I was living in Chicago, Lincoln Park and making just a little more than minimum wage. I moved from East Lansing, Michigan where I could get a hair cut for less than $10 to Chicago and paying $26. I had goals for my life but it seemed my progress toward them was slow or non-existent. I was definitely wishing things were different for me, especially in the income department.

And then I started applying the idea of loving what is to my life. What I noticed, as I kept at it, choosing to appreciate how things are in the moment, I had more energy. I found myself smiling more and generally much happier. When I found one of those thoughts pop into my head, wishing some situation was different or being frustrated with some aspect of my life, I redirected my thinking.

Interesting enough, I started being more productive and taking on more responsibility with enthusiasm at work. As my attitude improved my relationship with those around me improved. As my relationships improved and I was able to create more of the results I wanted I was noticed more by those that could give me opportunities to take on even higher levels of responsibility. In the fours years following my realization that I could choose my view of life I attracted exciting new career opportunities, I more than tripled my income and I met my wife.

I have come back to this realization, that I can choose how I experience my life, over and over again. Inevitably, each time I made the decision and commitment to redirect my thinking, I experienced big shifts toward creating what I wanted in my life.

"Everything can be taken from a man but …the last of the human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

Victor Frankl

Financial Abundance

What if your financial situation was directly related to your beliefs? What if the thoughts you have about money are based on and reinforce those beliefs? And what if those thoughts and beliefs formed the "cookie cutter" pattern which shapes your financial situation?

I have had the privilege (said with a grin) of learning this principle, forgetting it and then relearning it again. Initially I had a lot of resistance to believing it was morally acceptable to have financial abundance. As I kept digging into my beliefs I found many other ah-ha moments, beliefs that would keep me from having what I wanted financially. In many individuals I hear a question (unconscious or conscious) of self worth, “am I worth the financial abundance I want to have in my life?”.

A couple of getting started questions for you to consider:

  • What does the idea of financial abundance mean to you?
  • What beliefs do you have about the idea of financial abundance?
  • Do you know what you want your financial situation to look like (some individuals are very clear about what they don’t want but find it hard to define what they do want)?

I encourage you to ponder these questions and allow the answers to percolate to the surface.