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Are You Leading or Getting By

We are all leading all the time in how we live our lives. Many of us look at leadership as a role we take on when we  “manage” others or when we have “subordinates”. We lead by how we live our lives. We lead by how we show up (or not).

What do I mean by showing up? Showing up looks like being present with our energy and our mental awareness. It looks like being as clear as we are capable in the moment – with ourselves and with others. It is self honoring. Speaking the truth when the truth needs to be spoken, regardless of how popular.

In what I have seen, powerful and impacting living comes from the intention to show up, in the moment and fully engaged.

What is your intention for your life? Show up, engage and get in the game. Stretch your view of who you can be and take a risk to show up in a whole new way.

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