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Ever Expanding Opportunities

Ever have that thought, “they’re getting ahead of me”, “they did what I was thinking about doing”, “they are better at it than me”, “I’ll never be as good as them”…the list goes on. You may not say these things, but do you have some parallel thoughts of your own?

So someone is already doing what you thought about doing, great! They are doing it better than you judge you could do it, great! They are way ahead of where you are at – GREAT!

What I experience in my life is continually expanding opportunities. There are so many facets to parenting, to running a business, to growing roses, to making love – the list is endless. Some of those ideas might be an  idea that changes how the world works, others may not or may not in a big bang way.

My point is – don’t spend a lot of time comparing. Do a little homework and then follow your intuition. The world is always expanding into new frontiers, from the pony express (days, weeks, months, years?)  to electron mail that is in (milliseconds, seconds, minutes).

Move forward. Take the risk. Copy if you have to – but get out there and then really listen to your intuition so you can make course corrections if beneficial to you and the world.

One Response to Ever Expanding Opportunities

  • Ted Mersino says:

    I wanted to add this comment posted on FB by Stephanie Tolan. She quoted “Do a little homework and then follow your intuition.” And when time is short, skip the homework…

    I loved this addition/clarification by Stephanie. I am in awe all the time (e.g., my wife Deborah) by individuals that set out on a course without know how they will reach their destination or without being absolutely sure of what their destination will look like…they are pioneers! And I am grateful for them.

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