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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Prize & The Game

Who doesn’t like to win the gold medal, get their dream home, car, vacation, etc.? It can be very fun and satisfying.

The Biggest Loser is a show about individuals competing to see who can lose the most weight. I caught one of the last shows of the season, when they displayed the before and after pictures of each contestant. In most cases there was a HUGE difference in their weight between the beginning and the end of the show. The physical transformation was amazing.

And then the contestants shared how they were feeling as they reflected back on their journey. I was inspired by their stories and I saw a common theme surface from what they shared.

Were they proud of their weight loss? Definitely. But they expressed that they felt even more joy and gratitude for their commitment to stay in the game (and not quit). The weight loss was great – proving to themselves they could stay in the game to the end was better. More than the physical change in weight they felt they had transformed who they were as people. 

Yes, the outcome of our goals and intentions are important. And, there can be even greater joy and satisfaction in how we play the game.

Financial Abundance

What if your financial situation was directly related to your beliefs? What if the thoughts you have about money are based on and reinforce those beliefs? And what if those thoughts and beliefs formed the "cookie cutter" pattern which shapes your financial situation?

I have had the privilege (said with a grin) of learning this principle, forgetting it and then relearning it again. Initially I had a lot of resistance to believing it was morally acceptable to have financial abundance. As I kept digging into my beliefs I found many other ah-ha moments, beliefs that would keep me from having what I wanted financially. In many individuals I hear a question (unconscious or conscious) of self worth, “am I worth the financial abundance I want to have in my life?”.

A couple of getting started questions for you to consider:

  • What does the idea of financial abundance mean to you?
  • What beliefs do you have about the idea of financial abundance?
  • Do you know what you want your financial situation to look like (some individuals are very clear about what they don’t want but find it hard to define what they do want)?

I encourage you to ponder these questions and allow the answers to percolate to the surface.

Whole and Complete

What might it feel like to view all of our personality and physical traits as a part of what makes us whole? How much more flow and abundance might we experience in our life if we viewed ourselves as whole, complete and powerful individuals?

One way to view the many personality and physical characteristics of ourselves is acceptable/good and unacceptable/bad. The other day I complimented a friend of mine on the significance of the shifts he had been making in his life. I noticed his immediate reaction was to downplay and dismiss the compliment.

As we talked about his response he realized the compliment bumped up against a view he held of himself as unacceptable. He used his list of unacceptable characteristics of himself to block the compliment and thus continue to hold himself as unacceptability.

Life is so dynamic and organic. It is continuously providing us with feedback and opportunities to expand and increase our aliveness. When we open our heart and mind to those opportunities they can fill us up, allowing us to expand and create what we want in our life.