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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lean into the Fear – 3

My fear provides me an opportunity to to come back to this moment. To become aware of my body, my breath and all that I can appreciate in this moment. Now I can be conscious of my choices. Now I can create what I want to create in my life.

Lean into the Fear – 2

When I become conscious of my fear it reminds me that I can commit, or most often recommit, to that which I want to create in my life.

I do not make that recommitment to "get rid of the fear". I make that recommit because in that recommitment I have an opportunity to connect with my power. In that recommitment I have an opportunity to move into and through the very thing I fear.

Fear, Flow & Control

Fear can come up when we don't know or don't think we know the outcome of or how we will experience a situation. Something could happen to us, either directly or indirectly through someone else. Fear brings heightened awareness, so we are aware in the face of the unknown. It can propel us to do something or not do something. Fear can also be used as a justification to try and control our life, to try and control the uncontrollable.

Flow is being in the moment regardless of the potential outcome and in the presence of our emotions including fear. Flow is letting go of our attempts to control that which is uncontrollable.  Flow is going with the energy of the situation versus blocking it up or avoiding it.

Flow is enlivening. I allow myself to be fully me at the party and come home having had a great time.

Control is restricting. I hold back at the party playing it safe and come home exhausted.

Creating New Habits

Most people would not expect or be in shape to run 5k or 10k with ease without some preparation and some regular exercise. Nor would you expect to run a marathon without preparation. Our bodies and minds need to prepare, to strengthen and adjust to each incremental increase in distance. And, with any significant challenge it takes intention and commitment – over and over again.

Not so different than physical development, making significant and even minor mental shifts require preparation, incremental strengthening and adjustments. And as with a physical challenge like running long distance, it will take intention and commitment, over and over again. The more significant a mental shift is for us the more important these characteristics become.

Is there something you have wanted to create or change in your life? Create support for yourself with others and GO FOR IT.

Isn’t your life worth it?