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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fear – What is it Telling You?

On the surface we may think we know what we are afraid of – but do we? Being in our thoughts or in our head is not the same as feeling into fear. When we can stop and really feel our fear and I mean stop the “doing” and be in the moment with our fear, we might just see what is the underlying cause of that fear. The real cause, versus the play we might be conducting in our head.

It’s like a gas bubble down deep in the ocean while you are at the surface. Are you going to know what type of gas is in that bubble while you are on the surface? No. Will you know if it is a poisonous gas or a beneficial bubble of oxygen before it gets to the surface? Not likely. You have no idea whether it is going to help or harm you until you can get to the content when it gets to the surface. “Thinking” about what gas is in that bubble while it is at the bottom of the ocean will do nothing to understand the bubble.

Personally, I have never experienced a harmful feeling except when I tried to avoid or be in denial of them. For that matter, they have been very informative to know what I want and need. I have regained a great deal of energy by feeling my fear that I would have otherwise expended (at a personal loss) to resist the feeling.

When you are feeling fear, however that might manifest for you (e.g., anxiety, excessive eating, watching those infomercials until 2 AM, anger, etc.), stop – and I mean take an intentional time out to really feel into the fear and pay attention to what is at the root.