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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Try Something New

Are you playing in your comfort zone today or enjoying the energy of taking on something new that would give the most to the world? Are you saying to yourself right now that you, in your life or what you do, cannot create beyond your current situation? Do you really want to believe that? Do you really want to believe that others taking the leading in some capacity don't face & take risk? Try digging deeper…I believe there is so much more in you! Take a risk – today, tomorrow, next week. Just start.

The American Dream

For years after the first settlers began to establish America many immigrants flocked here to live the “American Dream”. They believed there was opportunity and it was true, there was opportunity. Was that opportunity given to them? No, they pursued it, they created it. Yes, times have changed, we don’t need near as as many individuals to farm the land, etc. But should we believe we have any less ability today to create opportunities for ourselves to experience our American Dream?

Lean into the Fear

Leaning into that which I fear most – and feeling more alive every moment!!! Are you willing to join me? To step into a bigger you. Serve the world at a higher level. Give what only you can give?