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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Choice of Mood

Have you ever noticed you were in a sour or bad mood and made a decision to change it? Yes, we need to work through emotions, but letting a poor mood become the norm is a waste of your energy and opportunities to create more of what you want in your life.

Fully Expressed Enthusiasm

Have you ever noticed those people in your life – could be at work, in your family, a neighbor, church member, etc., that bring enthusiasm with them, wherever they go? They lighten up the room, bring excitement to the gathering, and energy to the project. People tend to be attracted to them, want to be around them. Others enjoy their spirit, their outlook on life. So what allows those individuals to carry that enthusiasm and energy with them?

Yes, some individuals are born with a propensity to exude a higher level of energy, but in general, the rest of us have to choose – are we going to put our energy and enthusiasm out there or are we going to take the comfortable path. If we show up with our enthusiasm, putting ourselves out there, those around us that are accustom to our low key disposition – our tendency to hold back, may have a reaction. There may be some risk involved in showing up with our enthusiasm. But think about it, when do you feel most alive? Is it when you are holding back, staying in your comfort zone or when you were fully in the game. Is it when you are really showing up with who you are when you are not allowing your inhibitions to drive the show? I’m not suggesting you put on the happy face all the time.

That is not likely to be sustainable or even healthy. We all experience moments and even periods of sadness, anger and fear. We need to honor those feelings, process through them versus expending our energy to hold them down. In fact, it’s only through the process of allowing ourselves the time to fully connect with and feel our feelings we are able to show authentic enthusiasm. Getting out of our comfort zone comes with some risk sometimes. Or more likely more often than not perceived risk. During the early years of our life (grammar and high school) the risk of being different tends to be higher, even unwelcome. Our system rewards conformity. Standing out can be very unwelcome.

As an adult, you have choice. In fact, do a little homework on the individuals who have made the biggest impact were not fitting in. They were leading the way. They were taking the risk of being different. As Seth Godin talks about in his book Linchpin, many of us play it safe, we are a cog in the wheel of pushing widgets. The others are taking the risk to practice their art – what they are really passionate about in their life. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…, a quote from Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. Do people see the real you – the powerhouse that you are? Isn’t it time to step out and be the individual you have inside. To show up with all your energy and enthusiasm.


Laziness, a word often used to label someone or ourselves without knowing what is at the root of the so called “laziness”. Do we really believe that labeling ourselves or another lazy is going to motivate them? Why not consider the behavior with compassion, intrigue and inquiry? Wow, I am not feeling motivated right at the moment, I wonder why that is? Wow – is there something I might be feeling and thinking that might be at the heart of where I am at the moment? What can I learn about myself right now?

Using Fear to Serve

Our natural tendency in the face of fear might be to pull back and protect ourselves. In many circumstances that fear is a call to find our voice, to move to action and share out gifts. Is there anywhere in your life you are feeling fear? What do you need to do to move into and through that fear?