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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Create an Inspiring Vision

Ok, so what is a vision and why do I need one? Good question. Your vision is the picture you want to create in the future. It is most powerful when it means something to you, when you feel something when you are seeing it in your mind’s eye. The most powerful vision is one that has an emotional connection. Why? Most visions face many challenges before coming to realization. We can all push when we need to, but an emotional hook provides us the pull that keeps us going when our will power is lagging. It gives us deeper purpose. Things to consider when you are defining your vision:

  • Why is this picture of the future important to you?
  • How will it or does it fit into what you see as the bigger picture of your life (e.g., your life purpose)?
  • How will this impact or contribute to your life and/or the lives of others?
  • What is the clearest vision picture/details you can create in your mind or on paper of your vision?

Here is an example of what a personal vision statement might look like:

"I am helping individuals, leaders and teams across Northern Colorado and throughout the nation take leaps and bounds in their personal and professional growth, allowing them to more fully experience and enjoy all that life has to offer while living a life of significance."

A note to remember – there is no such thing as a perfect vision. Keep it simple. A vision needs to inspire YOU. And a vision is best as a sentence or two but start with what comes to you. You can always tweak it over time if you so desire.

Do you want more information or want support to Make 2010 Unforgettable? Post a comment or or send me a note through the Contact page. If you are interested in Making 2010 Unforgettable, look for my next post “Inspired By Goals! to be posted January 18th 2010 and see the Workshops and Seminars I am offering in the near future.


We have come to the end of another year! Amazing how fast the time passes isn’t it? Sometimes I look back and think to myself “where did the time go”! Did I do what I wanted this year? Did I make an impact? Do I feel fulfilled? Am I satisfied?

Coming to the end of 2009 you may wish you had created something different! The reality is, how you feel today is based on the choices you have made in your life. The exciting part of this is – you can change your situation! There is no reason for you to feel anything less than satisfied and fulfilled at the end of 2010. Regardless of how frustrated, dissatisfied, or overwhelmed you may feel today you do have the power of choice. You can create something different! And I don't mean by killing yourself to get there – I am talking about having a blast in the process!

In my early 20s I started reading self-help books as a way of creating a sense of direction in my life. It didn’t take long before I came to the conclusion that goals were important to me and to what I wanted to have in my life. So in my mid 20s I started getting serious about setting goals. Sure enough, between the ages of 25 and 32 I did begin to create and attract what I wanted in my life (grew my income by over 1,000% and married a woman who was everything I was looking for).

Then, through some very challenging life experiences, I found myself reflecting on what I had done and who I was over those 7 years. I saw that I had achieved many of my goals, but I also realized that much of my experience over that time had felt hard and even painful. I had more money than I could have ever hoped for but my relationship with my wife was in terrible shape. I was married but I was also clueless when it came to understanding what real relationship was all about.

In the 7 years to follow I found several organizations around Chicago that could not only help me achieve my goals but achieve them in the context of the bigger picture of life, in a much healthier and fulfilling manner (in relationship with others versus going it alone). Relationships became a priority to me versus something to endure. I also learned that life was more satisfying and empowering when I actually learned and grew from life challenges instead of feeling victimized by them. I began to see those challenges as part of really going for my life and living to my highest potential – experiences to be embraced rather than avoided. I could take responsibility for creating my own happiness and wellbeing while attracting what I wanted into my life. Not only was I achieving my goals but I started to really enjoy my life.

So I am writing about setting goals for ourselves, but it is more than setting goals, it is also about how we live our lives in the process of realizing those goals. It is about taking responsibility to create our own enjoyment and fulfillment in life. We can also take responsibility for our relationships (let go of the harmful and nurture the healthy) to create more richness in our lives. We can take responsibility for how we hold the inevitable challenges of life – to see we can become the victim or we can realize we are big enough to work through the challenges too. Life can be rich with all the emotions – joy, happiness, sadness, loss or it can be a long string of passing the time with dread of that next moment. We have choice.

So what can we do to enjoy it all in 2010? Read my next post titled "Create an Inspiring Vision" and see the Workshops and Seminars I am offering in the near future. You can also post a comment or or send me a note through the Contact page.